Reduced Offers

On the occasion your phone is severely damaged internally, unfortunately we won’t be able to pay the full price quoted. 

Thankfully this only happens with around 1 in 10 trade ins we receive.

In the instance your device has any of the faults listed below, we’ll email you with a new quote. 


Faults subject to a reduced offer

  • Cracked or faulty home button.

  • Faulty Touch ID or Face ID.

  • Motherboard faults (Audio IC, No wifi, unable to activate, etc).

  • Liquid damage.


With revised offers, the ball is in your court – we’ll always offer to return your device to you FREE OF CHARGE if its less than you were expecting. There’s no hidden fees.


Blacklisted IMEIs

If a phone is reported lost or stolen and the owner provides a document confirming the IMEI to their provider or the local authorities, then the IMEI number can be added to the blacklist database. We cannot accept devices that are blacklisted. If we receive a device that is blacklisted, we will hold it for 28 days. If the blacklist status has not been removed from the device in this time frame, we are obligated by law to destroy the device. This measure has been put in place by the home office to prevent the sale/trade of lost or stolen devices.
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