Delivery Information

If you’ve selected our freepost pack:


We’ll dispatch a freepost envelope with instructions and a pre-printed freepost label to the address you’ve provided with your submission. These are sent via Royal Mail first class, so expect them to arrive within 2 working days.

Our freepost packs are generic and we do not have a record of your tracking number, please make a note of this and get a copy of your post office receipt so that we can follow the items delivery progress in the case of any delivery issues.

Make sure you’ve and removed your iCloud account and reset your device.


If you’ve selected our freepost label:

  1. Make sure you’ve removed your iCloud account and reset your device.
  2. Visit our Royal Mail tracked returns page to generate our freepost label.
  3. Select your packaging type and fill in your details using the form. Once complete press “make your label” and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can press the red download button to download your label as a printable PDF file.
  4. Attach the printed label to your packaged device and drop it off at your local post office. Make sure to get a receipt!


Royal Mail – Booking a parcel collection

If you’re able to visit your local post office or would simply prefer to have your package collected from your address – Then you can now use Royal Mail’s new parcel collection service for as little as 60p with our Tracked Returns Labels.

  1. Visit
  2. For the first option “Please collect an item that I’m sending by Royal Mail with postage…”, please select “…that I purchased previously via Send an item or other similar service, or postage for an item being returned using a Royal Mail Tracked Return service”.
  3. Next enter your tracking number from your Tracked Returns 24 Label – for example.
  4. Then enter the approximate weight of your item, then click Continue.
  5. Select the package size that best describes your device packaging, if you have used the mail-lite bag provided by us then select large letter. Then click Continue.
  6. Provide your name and address for collection, next click Continue.
  7. Select a day for your package to be collected, you also have the option to provide a safe place for your parcel to be collected from in case you are out at the time of collection. When this is complete click “Add to basket”.
  8. This will add the collection to your basket, if you need to add any other items then follow the same process to add them separately. If you are complete then hover over the basket icon in the top right corner of the screen, you should then see a dropdown with the option “View Basket & Checkout”.
  9. From the basket screen enter your email address to receive order confirmation and select your form of payment. Once you’ve completed the payment process you’ll receive confirmation that your order has been received via email, and you’re done!

Postage & Insurance

Our freepost postage is covered for loss or theft up to £100. We’re not able to cover any damage which may occur in transit, customers should use their own packaging if they are concerned about the protection provided by our packaging.

We receive several hundred devices each week and less than 1% of these experience any kind of postage issues.

Customers who which to provide an additional level of insurance for their devices should send them via Royal Mails Special Delivery by 1PM service to our PO Box address at their own expense (£7.00)

PO Box address : Sell My Cell, PO Box 221, Liverpool, L37 8YX 


Other courier services cannot deliver to our Royal Mail PO Box address.

Other couriers may attempt delivery outside of our opening hours, we cannot be held responsible for devices which are returned or held following an unsuccessful delivery.


Any additional items received will be disposed of upon receipt to conserve space, we’re unable to return any cases, boxes, SIM cards etc. that are received.