Reaad our FAQs to answer any quick questions you may have

Do I need to include anything with my device?  i.e. Original box or charger

All you need to send to us is your phone with the battery in. Just make sure it is secure, so it is guaranteed to arrive to us in the condition you sent it in.
Please note that we cannot be held responsible for anything else you may include in your package.

How do I know if my phone has been received?

As soon as we receive a device, we aim to identify it and contact you straight away. Throughout the entire process we keep in contact with you through emails.
In certain cases, you may receive an email stating that your offer has been revised, in this case we will give you a choice in what you want to do with your device.
Please remember to write your submission ID on the slip provided so we can identify your device!

I have received the package you sent me to send my device in, where do I find the submission ID to write on the slip provided?

When you receive your confirmation email the submission ID will be included in the subject line and at the top of your email.

How can I track my order?

We always recommend using the freepost label we send you when submitting your device to send your device to us. The reason why we suggest this is not only so you can receive your payment quicker due to fast delivery but also so you can track your device all the way to us! You shall receive a reference number which can be used to track your device on their website: https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/

What happens if my device goes missing during the postal service?

In our terms and conditions, we state that the device is our responsibility once it arrives with us. Therefore, we recommend using our freepost delivery to ensure that you can track your shipment. Always make sure your device is secure before sending!
Any problems during the delivery we suggest that you get in contact with Royal Mail, their contact details are available on their website.
Always allow until 4pm the next working day for us to get in contact with you once your phone arrives, we always try our best to process your device as soon as it gets to us!

I sent my phone a couple of days ago & have yet to receive my payment – what should I do?

First, we recommend tracking your device on the Royal Mail website, as we state before sending your device that it is not our responsibility until it arrives with us.
Once it arrives, we always aim to get your payment to you the same day! The only exceptions were this may not occur are when there has been a revised offer or if your device is still iCloud locked.
If you send an iCloud locked device to us there will be a delay in payment.
Please be aware to check your emails. The quicker you get back to our queries about your offer and device the quicker we can get you paid!

What happens to my device after I send it in?

Once we have received your device it goes through a testing process to determine the condition of your phone and to see if it has any faults in which we would have to revise the offer for. Our Quality Assurance Team will check the quality and functionality of the phone to make sure that we can accept the device from you.
After you have received your payment you can have the peace of mind that your phone isn’t just being thrown away, we pride ourselves in giving your device a new life!

The payment I received is different to which I was quoted – is this a mistake?

Stated in our terms and conditions are reasons and faults of the device that would be subjected to a revised offer.
If you do receive a revised offer from us, you will get the option to either accept or have your device returned to you for free. Therefore, you are taking no risks!

How can I find out the memory size of my device?

You can check the storage on the device itself, it’s very easy to find! Just go onto Settings > General > About. The amount will be shown for you on the screen under capacity.
You can also plug your device into iTunes to be shown the storage amount which will appear in general or a bar along the bottom of your screen.
Please be aware that the amount stated may be up to 10% lower than the actual phone storage due to operating systems being preloaded onto the phone.
If you do happen to send a device to us that has been submitted as a different capacity to which is on the device, we shall send you a new offer for the device. You always have the option to accept or have the device returned to you for free!

Why is the model of my device not available on the website?

Unfortunately, we are only accepting the devices shown on the website for now due to demand Check back in the future to see if we’ve added any new devices!

Can I send in more than one device at a time?

Yes, please make sure to submit each devices details separately so each has it’s own submission number, you can use our freepost package to send multiple devices at the same time.

Can I sell a blacklisted device?

We cannot accept any devices which have reported as been lost or stolen and blacklisted. Upon the arrival of your device we use a database to check the background of the device at the start of our testing process. You will not receive a payment for any device that has been flagged and we may be required to hold the device.

My device does not power on, how do I check it’s not got iCloud on it?

As stated, when sending your device to us, we are unable to transfer any payment for iCloud locked devices.
If you cannot access your device, you are still able to remove the iCloud remotely. Please follow the instructions we provide on the Preparing Your Device page sellmycell.co.uk/preparing/

Do you accept locked phones?

Please make sure that your device not locked to an iCloud account before sending.

I decided to keep my device after sending it, can my device be sent back to me?

Of course! Make sure to get in contact with us ASAP and we can investigate the situation with you.
All out contact hours and details can be found here: sellmycell.co.uk/contact-page/

I have asked for my phone to be returned to me after refusing a revised offer, when will I receive it back?

We always aim to ship your device back to you the same day in which you reply to our revised offer email.
Your device will be sent back to you using our UPS Standard delivery, you can expect your device back in 1-3 working days.

Are you able to accept Black Listed devices?

Selling a mobile phone or device which you do not own may amount to a criminal offence. Sell My Cell support and adhere to the ‘Stop Stolen Mobiles Being Recycled’ code of practice set by the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit.
Upon encountering a BlackListed device we must: Inform you of the BlackListing and give details on who to contact to remove it, Hold the device for 28 days to allow an oppertunity for the device to be removed from the BlackList database, responsibly dispose of the device after 28 days if not updated.